WHAT A GREAT JOB!  My car hadn’t been detailed in years.  My RAV4 was a mess of dog hair, snow dirt of years gone by, split coffee, and who knows what else.  The thought of trying to do the job myself put me in hives!  I was freaking out until I found Raul. Raul IS awesome!  He is so professional, kind, funny and hardworking.  He comes prepared to do the job.  He’s focused and gets the job done.  He spent about 6 hours on my car (told you it was a mess).  Since I live in an apartment complex it’s difficult to be able to provide power but Raul has an answer for that too….he’s got a generator!  Here’s the thing…when he was done, I walked up to my car and it was so clean but then….I saw…the inside and thought for sure…this could NOT be MY car.  It was so beautiful inside it looked AND SMELLED like a NEW car!  It was so crazy.  If you had told me my car could look like that after spending time with Raul, I would have thought you were nutz!  If you want not just a good job but a GREAT JOB…call Raul!
— Ondrija P.

I bought this car seven years ago, and I guess I had been a bit lazy about keeping it clean because it was starting to show its age, especially on the interior. It was just starting to look (and smell) old and dusty from constant use, including several long road trips. After I got it back from Bearded Man Detailing, I was totally shocked by how it looked. I know it’s been seven years, but I seriously believe it looks better now than when I bought it brand new. There were several stains and scuff marks in the cabin that I had assumed were permanent. They are totally gone. The smell is gone. Every speck of dust is gone. Every surface, especially the black surfaces, look totally different and brand new again. I now realize that my car was dirtier than I had thought! The interior was my priority and that came out perfect. I had them do the exterior, too, since I had never had that done either and the price for everything was pretty cheap. I was more skeptical about the exterior, figuring I can wash my own car if I have to, but now I realize I must not be very good at washing cars, because this is not how it looks when I clean it myself. All the details, like windows, tires, rims, and especially the black trim, look new again. I now feel stupid for not having done this at least once a year since buying a new car, now that I see the results. I’ll be returning to get this done again.
Chris Shepard

Raul is amazing! My car looks brand new!  He was able to buff a scratch from my bumper 🙂 Super convient, professional and very nice. Definitely recommend!
— Michelle M.

My van is like new! Raul is a professional guy; he comes to you which in my case was very convenient, is thorough and offers detailing services at a reasonable cost. I acquired a used ’04 Sienna van a few months ago which, although in incredible shape, needed lots of love and a professional touch to restore the interior to its former glory. Raul was great about scheduling and confirming, and showed up promptly at 9 AM. I went for his highest package, and with no regrets. He spent all day working on the van, which is not a small vehicle by any standard, and didn’t depart until around 5 PM, working the entire time. He was forthcoming about flaws that he wouldn’t be able to remove, but I wasn’t expecting any miracles; just a thorough job, and the bearded man delivered.
— Darren H.

Raul was extremely professional and did an AMAZING job on my car, inside and out! Prius’ are notorious for having easily stainable fabric & I practically lived in my car for years so my car had a pretty messy interior. I took it to an auto detailing shop in California and the guy couldn’t remove any of the stains, so I was doubtful when I asked The Bearded Man to attempt it. Well, he not only removed EVERY stain, it was also about half the price!! And I didn’t have to drive my car anywhere, Raul came to my garage and performed the service while I was away. What a guy!! What a company!! I would recommend giving this guy a call immediately. He’s the best and the most convenient and the most fair priced. Thanks Raul!

— Phoebe G.